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HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Search Results

8 studies were found about Twinrix

Immunologic Memory (Supp. of ATN 024)

Condition: HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00142753

Effectiveness of Two Hepatitis B Vaccines in HIV-negative Youths

Condition: Hepatitis B

NCT ID: NCT00107042

Comparison of Three Hepatitis B Vaccination Regimens in HIV-Positive Youth

Condition: HIV Infection; Hepatitis B

NCT ID: NCT00106964

Determining Responses to Two Different Vaccines in HIV and HCV Infected Individuals

Condition: HIV Infections; Hepatitis C

NCT ID: NCT00393276

Hepatitis Vaccination in HIV Infection: Role of Adjuvant Interleukin-2

Condition: HIV Infections; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B

NCT ID: NCT00451984

Effectiveness of the Screen, Test, Immunize, Reduce Risk, and Refer (STIRR) Intervention for People With Both a Mental and Substance Abuse Disorder

Condition: HIV Infections; Schizophrenia; Schizoaffective Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Depression; Substance Abuse

NCT ID: NCT00316303

Immune System Function Following Vaccination in HIV Infected Children Taking Anti-HIV Drugs

Condition: HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00257127

Safety of and Immune Response to Vaccination With 2 Experimental HIV Vaccines in Healthy Adults

Condition: HIV Infection

NCT ID: NCT02109354