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HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials

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57 studies were found about Complications/Side Effects, Depression

Treatment for Depression Among HIV-Infected Youth

Condition: HIV; Depression; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT01049789

Treatment of Depression With Massage in HIV

Condition: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; HIV Infections; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00033852

Prevention of Depression in HIV/HCV Co-infected Substance Abuse Patients

Condition: Hepatitis C; Depressive Disorder, Major; Depressive Disorder; Depression; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00655226

Therapy Targeting Depression and HIV Treatment Adherence (The TRIAD Study)

Condition: HIV; Depression; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00951028

Telephone Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for HIV Related Depression

Condition: Depression; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT01055158

Neighborhoods, Networks, Depression, and HIV Risk

Condition: HIV; Depression; Drug Use

NCT ID: NCT01380613

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Help HIV Infected Adults With Depression to Adhere to Antiretroviral Therapy

Condition: Depression; HIV Infection

NCT ID: NCT00509340

Trial of Citalopram for the Prevention of Depression

Condition: Depression; HIV Infections; Hepatitis C

NCT ID: NCT00317746

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Combined With Antidepressants to Reduce HIV Risk and Drug Relapse Among Depressed Intravenous Drug Users

Condition: HIV Infections; Depression; Substance-Related Disorders

NCT ID: NCT00183768

Bupropion For Reducing High-Risk Behaviors in Depressed Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)

Condition: HIV Infections; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00285584

Antidepressant Medication for Reducing HIV Risk Behavior in Depressed Intravenous Drug Users

Condition: Depression; Substance-Related Disorders; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00228007

HIV Translating Initiatives for Depression Into Effective Solutions

Condition: HIV; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00304915

A Trial Examining the Efficacy of Escitalopram Oxalate Upon Depressive Symptoms and Fatigue in HIV Seropositive Women

Condition: Depression; HIV

NCT ID: NCT01797380

Yoga for Treating People at Risk for Diabetes or With Both HIV and Depression

Condition: HIV Infections; Diabetes; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00090506

Healthy Options: Group Psychotherapy for HIV-positive Depressed Perinatal Women.

Condition: Depression

NCT ID: NCT02039973

Trial of Collaborative Depression Care Management for HIV Patients

Condition: Depression; HIV

NCT ID: NCT01372605

Depression and ART Adherence in HIV+ Latinos

Condition: Depressive Symptoms; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT01411839

Effectiveness of a Telephone-Delivered Behavioral Treatment to Improve the Quality of Life of Older Adults With HIV

Condition: HIV Infections; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00365690

Optimizing Resilience and Coping in HIV Via Internet Delivery

Condition: HIV Disease; Depression; Affect; Psychological Stress

NCT ID: NCT01997008

Psychosocial Correlates and Coping Strategies Associated With Long-Term Survival of HIV-Infected Children

Condition: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Depressive Disorder; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00001435

An HIV Intervention for Black Men at Risk - The Enhanced Sexual Health Intervention for Men (ES-HIM)

Condition: HIV; Depression; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

NCT ID: NCT01641146

Progress Adult Study

Condition: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Depression

NCT ID: NCT01328275

Progress Pediatric Study

Condition: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Depression

NCT ID: NCT01328288

Group Psychotherapy for People With HIV

Condition: HIV; Depression; Risk-taking; Pain

NCT ID: NCT00186550

Antidepressant Medication Plus Directly Observed Therapy for Improving Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy

Condition: HIV Infections; Depression

NCT ID: NCT00338767

MedlinePlus Health Prescriptions: Developing a Pragmatic Approach for Clinic Use

Condition: Acne Vulgaris; Allergic Rhinitis (Disorder); Anxiety; Asthma; Back Pain; Prostatic Hyperplasia; Bursitis; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Cough; Coronary Artery Disease; Depression; Diabetes Mellitus; Diarrhea; Gastroesophageal Reflux; Fibromyalgia; Headache; HIV Infections; Hypothyroidism; Hyperlipidemia; Hypertension; Influenza; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Knee Pain; Migraine Disorders; Obesity; Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Osteoarthritis; Senile Osteoporosis; Colonoscopy; Mammography; Shoulder Pain; Sinusitis; Smoking Cessation; Tobacco Use Cessation; Menopause; Urinary Incontinence; Urinary Tract Infection; Vaccination; Vaginitis; Vertigo

NCT ID: NCT01050465

The Influence of GINkGo Biloba on the Pharmacokinetics of the UGT Substrate raltEgraviR (GINGER)

Condition: HIV Infections; Depression; Mild Cognitive Impairment

NCT ID: NCT01246804

The Canadian HIV Quit Smoking Trial: Tackling the Co-morbidities of Depression and Cardiovascular Disease in HIV+ Smokers

Condition: HIV; Smoking Cessation

NCT ID: NCT01800019

Switching From Efavirenz/Atripla to Rilpivirine Among Patients With Neurocognitive or Neuropsychological Side Effects

Condition: Impaired Cognition; Depression/Anxiety; Poor Quality Sleep; Quality of Life; HIV-1 Infection

NCT ID: NCT02042001

Patient Preference, Sleep Quality, and Anxiety/Depression: A Comparison of Raltegravir and Efavirenz

Condition: Sleep Disorders; HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00944957

Effectiveness of the Screen, Test, Immunize, Reduce Risk, and Refer (STIRR) Intervention for People With Both a Mental and Substance Abuse Disorder

Condition: HIV Infections; Schizophrenia; Schizoaffective Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Depression; Substance Abuse

NCT ID: NCT00316303

Integrating Targeted MedlinePlus Health Prescriptions Into Clinic Practice Workflow

Condition: Allergic Rhinitis (Disorder); Asthma; Back Pain; Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy; Bursitis; Depression; Anxiety; Diabetes Mellitus; Esophageal Reflux; HIV Infections; Hyperlipidemia; Hypertension; Insomnia; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Obesity; Osteoporosis (Senile); Shoulder Pain; Sinusitis; Symptomatic Menopause; Urinary Incontinence; Urinary Tract Infection; Vaginitis

NCT ID: NCT00634608

Treating Chronic Pain and Depression in HIV+ Patients in Primary Care Settings

Condition: Pain Interference; Depression; Antiretroviral Adherence

NCT ID: NCT01735708

Evaluation of Re-Entry Values and Mindfulness Program (REVAMP) With Jail Inmates

Condition: Impulsive Behavior; Substance Abuse; HIV Risk Behavior; Anxiety; Depression; Criminogenic Thinking

NCT ID: NCT01378923

Behavioral Depression Treatment for African American HIV-infected Substance Users

Condition: Major Depressive Disorder; Substance Use

NCT ID: NCT01351454

Comparative Trial of Antidepressant Treatment Models in HIV Care in Uganda

Condition: Depression

NCT ID: NCT02056106

Pharmacokinetic Drug-drug Interaction Study Between RaltEgravir and CITALopram in Healthy Subjects (RECITAL).

Condition: HIV; Depression

NCT ID: NCT01978782

Skills Based Counseling for Adherence and Depression in HIV+ Methadone Patients - 1

Condition: Adherence; Depression; Heroin Dependence; Methadone; Motivational Interviewing; Substance-Related Disorders

NCT ID: NCT00218634

Antidepressant Treatment of AIDS Related Depression.

Condition: Depression

NCT ID: NCT00000390

Omega-3 Supplementation and Depression Clinical Trial

Condition: Depressive Symptoms

NCT ID: NCT01614249

Effectiveness of a Telephone Intervention Program in Improving Depression, Coping, and Family Functioning in HIV-Infected Individuals and Caregivers

Condition: HIV Infections

NCT ID: NCT00183781

STD Risk Reduction for Heterosexual Methamphetamine Users

Condition: Substance-Related Disorders; HIV Infections; Sexually Transmitted Diseases

NCT ID: NCT00344214

Relaxation, Depressive Symptoms, Quality of Life, Immunological and Virological Status in People Living With HIV: a Pilot Study

Condition: HIV; Depressive Symptoms

NCT ID: NCT01901016

Effectiveness of Armodafinil for Treating Fatigue in Adults With HIV/AIDS

Condition: HIV Infections; Fatigue

NCT ID: NCT00737204

Effectiveness of Modafinil for Treating Fatigue in Adults With HIV/AIDS

Condition: HIV Infections; Fatigue

NCT ID: NCT00118378

Engagement in HIV Primary Care Services

Condition: HIV Infections; Unstable Housing

NCT ID: NCT00300170

Randomized Controlled Trial Using Patient Reported Outcomes and Care Managers to Improve HIV Medication Adherence in Routine Clinical Care

Condition: HIV

NCT ID: NCT01505660

Brain Imaging for HIV-Associated Thinking and Mood Disorders

Condition: Human Immunodeficiency Virus; Neurocognitive Impairment

NCT ID: NCT01692236

Central Nervous System Disease in HIV-infected Children on HAART

Condition: HIV Infections; Central Nervous System Diseases

NCT ID: NCT00110331

Pilot Feasibility Trial of the Family Strengthening Intervention in Rwanda (FSI-R)

Condition: Depressive Symptoms; Anxiety; Parenting

NCT ID: NCT01509573

Perceptions of Burden in Patients With Late-Stage Cancer and Their Caregivers

Condition: Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors; Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders; Depression; Leukemia; Lymphoma; Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Neoplasm; Myelodysplastic Syndromes; Myelodysplastic/Myeloproliferative Neoplasms; Psychosocial Effects of Cancer and Its Treatment; Unspecified Adult Solid Tumor, Protocol Specific

NCT ID: NCT00770419

Patient Preference, Sleep Quality, and Anxiety/Depression: A Randomized Comparison of Etravirine and Efavirenz

Condition: Sleep Disorders

NCT ID: NCT00792584

Randomized Control Trial on Trauma Focused CBT in Zambia

Condition: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Depression; Risk Behaviors

NCT ID: NCT01624298

A Community-health Worker Delivered HIV/STI Prevention Intervention for Internally Displaced Women in Leogane, Haiti

Condition: Risk Reduction Behavior; Interpersonal Relations; Mental Disorders

NCT ID: NCT01492829

A Group-level Intervention to Reduce HIV/STI Risk for Women Who Have Sex With Women in Calgary and Toronto

Condition: STI Knowledge

NCT ID: NCT02067845

Randomized Controlled Trial of Trauma-focused CBT in Tanzania and Kenya

Condition: Childhood Traumatic Grief; Post Traumatic Stress; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Depressive Symptoms; Behavioral Problems; Child Overall Daily Functioning; Child and Guardian Relationship

NCT ID: NCT01822366

Ketamine Hydrochloride and Best Pain Management in Treating Cancer Patients With Neuropathic Pain

Condition: Cancer

NCT ID: NCT01316744