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Issue No. 31  | December 06, 2013
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Recently Revised AIDSinfo Fact Sheets Now Available in Spanish on infoSIDA

Our recently revised AIDSinfo HIV-related fact sheets for consumers are now available in Spanish on infoSIDA, our Spanish-language companion website. The fact sheets are written in easy-to-understand language and provide information on topics related to HIV prevention, treatment, and research, as well as HIV and pregnancy and side effects of HIV medicines. The Spanish-language fact sheets include the same features found on our English-language fact sheets, including links to glossary definitions for many HIV-related terms and links to additional resources. Visit infoSIDA to view or download the Spanish-language fact sheets today!

NIH Announces Plan to Increase Funding Toward a Cure for HIV/AIDS

“At a White House event [on December 2, 2013] to mark the 25th annual World AIDS Day, President Obama announced that the National Institutes of Health plans to redirect AIDS research funds to expand support for research directed toward a cure for HIV. NIH plans to invest an additional $100 million over the next three fiscal years on this increasingly promising area of HIV/AIDS research. …

“It is anticipated that a significant portion of the new investment will support basic research, which will also benefit all other areas of AIDS research, as well as research on other diseases. These studies will include research on viral reservoirs, viral latency, and viral persistence, as well as studies of neutralizing antibodies. Research on animal models, drug development and preclinical testing of more potent antiretroviral compounds capable of diminishing viral reservoirs, and clinical research, including studies on therapeutic vaccines and other immune enhancers, will also be supported.”

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