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PlaceboAudio (En español)

Also known as: Sham, Sugar Pill

An inactive drug (or other intervention) that is identical in appearance to a therapeutically active drug. In some clinical trials, researchers compare the effects of a placebo with those of an active drug under investigation to determine if the active investigational drug is effective.

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Placebo EffectAudio (En español)

An effect (usually, but not necessarily, beneficial) that arises from an expectation that the given drug (or other intervention) will have an effect. In a clinical trial, placebo effect can refer to an effect experienced by either a participant or a researcher.

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Placebo-Controlled TrialAudio (En español)

A type of clinical trial. In placebo-controlled trials, one group of participants (the control arm) receives an inactive drug (or other intervention), called a placebo, while another group of participants (the experimental arm) receives the active drug being tested. The two groups are compared to see if the drug is more effective than the placebo.

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