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Issue No. 36 | August 24, 2007

News and Features

Would You Like to Receive AIDSinfo At-A-Glance in Spanish?

Sign up now for the new Spanish-language weekly newsletter "infoSIDA al instante" to receive the first issue next Wednesday, August 29, 2007! infoSIDA al instante is based on the news presented in the At-A-Glance newsletters and will be published weekly with archived issues available on the infoSIDA Web site.

infoSIDA Launches Audio Drug Name Pronunciations in Spanish

In response to requests for pronunciations of anti-HIV drug names, the infoSIDA drug database can now tell visitors how to say the name of a drug in Spanish! Simply click on the speaker icon next to the name of any drug in the database to hear it pronounced.

infoSIDA Lanza Audios con PronunciaciĆ³n de Medicamentos en EspaƱol

Respondiendo a las solicitudes de proveer pronunciaciones para los medicamentos contra el VIH, ¡la base de datos de infoSIDA ahora puede decirle a sus usuarios la manera de pronunciar el nombre de un medicamento! Simplemente pulse el ícono de audio al costado del nombre de un medicamento en la base de datos para escuchar su pronunciación.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption Affects HIV Disease Progression

According to a recently published study, heavy alcohol consumption can cause an increase in the rate of HIV disease progression in HIV infected people who are not receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). Researchers found that alcohol use significantly decreased the CD4 cell count in this group compared to nondrinkers, thereby leading to faster progression. The study concluded that HIV infected people who are not on ART should avoid heavy alcohol use to reduce the rate of HIV disease progression.

For more information about this article and HIV disease progression, see the following resources:

  • PubMed: The abstract of the journal article
  • AIDSinfo: The Adult & Adolescent HIV Treatment Guidelines
  • AIDSinfo Health Topics: Alcohol and Other Substance Abuses