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Issue No. 33 | August 3, 2007

News and Features

New Blood Test Can Screen for Allergic Reaction to Abacavir

Data presented at the Fourth International AIDS Society Conference show that a simple blood test can identify patients who carry the HLA-B5701 gene, the cause of the allergic reaction to abacavir (CDC NPIN). Of the patients who tested negative for the gene, none had a confirmed allergic reaction to abacavir.

More information on abacavir can be found in:

CDC Reports an Increase in Cryptosporidiosis Outbreaks in 2006

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 18 cases of cryptosporidiosis were reported in 2006, 5 of which were associated with recreational water use (MMWR). This represents a significant increase from the number of cases reported for the previous 2 years. The increase suggests that HIV positive or other immunocompromised individuals should exercise caution when using recreational water facilities.

More information about cryptosporidiosis and other AIDS-defining conditions can be found in:

National Institutes of Health Launches Redesigned Web Site

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a redesigned Web site with new and innovative features ( Visitors to the site now have direct and easy access to the NIH staff directory, training opportunities, funding information, and much more directly from the homepage. There is also an updated AIDS health information page that provides links to HIV/AIDS resources from many different divisions of NIH.

Information relating to the exact Web site changes can be found on the Redesign Features page.