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Issue No. 37 | August 31, 2007

News and Features

infoSIDA al instante!

AIDSinfo released the first issue of the new Spanish-language weekly newsletter "infoSIDA al instante" this week! infoSIDA al instante is based on the news presented in the At-A-Glance newsletters and will be published weekly, with archived issues available on the infoSIDA Web site. Sign up for the Spanish listserv and view the infoSIDA al instante archive.

Learn More About the Neurological Complications of AIDS

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), a division of the National Institutes of Health, recently updated their fact sheet on the subject of neurological complications of AIDS.

For more information:

  • Clinical trials on neurological complications of HIV

Enfuvirtide Found Safe and Effective for Pediatric Patients

A recently published study has concluded that enfuvirtude is a safe and effective addition to optimized background therapy for pediatric patients. The study enrolled 48 participants aged 3 to 16 years across the United States. It was also found that participants under the age of 11 had stronger responses to enfuvirtude than adolescent participants. 

More information is available on enfuvirtide and pediatric HIVAIDS:

  • PubMed: The abstract of the journal article
  • AIDSinfo: The Pediatric HIV Guidelines
  • AIDSinfo: Enfuvirtide drug fact sheet
  • Enfuvirtide clinical trials
  • Health Resources and Services Administration: Pediatric HIV/AIDS in the United States