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Issue No. 42 | October 10, 2008

News and Features

infoSIDA Announces Redesigned Guidelines Pages!

infoSIDA, the Spanish-language companion site to AIDSinfo, is pleased to announce the release of redesigned guidelines pages. Even though the guidelines are not available in Spanish, the new guidelines pages have been updated with a more user-friendly format.

The Guidelines Section of the infoSIDA Web site now has a dedicated page for each guideline and users will be able to find all available Spanish-language fact sheets that are relevant to each guideline. To help users navigate more efficiently through the section, icons for both the guidelines and fact sheets have been added.
Check out the new pages:

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day Is October 15

Next Wednesday will mark the sixth annual National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD). "United we can. HIV/AIDS stops here. Prevention starts with us." is this year's theme, which emphasizes the importance of HIV testing, prevention, education, research, treatment, and raising HIV/AIDS awareness in the Latino community.

More information is available:

  • AIDSinfo: 2008 NLAAD Specialty Page

Statement by NIAID Director Fauci on National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

"Today, on National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, we reflect on the disproportionate toll of HIV/AIDS among Latinos in the United States as we intensify our commitment to fighting the virus and the disease in this minority community."

Read the full statement.

Nobel Prize Awarded for Discovery of HIV

"The Nobel Prize in medicine...will be shared among three scientists credited with the discovery of the viruses behind AIDS and cervical cancer. One half of the award went to France's Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier for linking HIV to AIDS. The pair's discovery was 'one prerequisite for the current understanding of the biology of the disease and its antiretroviral treatment,' the Nobel citation said."

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