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Issue No. 43 | October 17, 2008

News and Features

AIDS Vaccine 2008 Conference

"Experts at the AIDS Vaccine 2008 Conference in Cape Town this week will assess the direction of AIDS vaccine research and weigh the value of basic laboratory work as compared to large-scale clinical trials. The Oct. 13-15 conference will also give scientists a chance to delve more deeply into the results of failed vaccine trial approaches."

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World Markets Crisis May Affect AIDS Vaccine Prospects

"The world markets crisis could temper financial support among governments and philanthropic organizations for HIV/AIDS vaccine research, experts said Tuesday at the AIDS Vaccine 2008 Conference in Cape Town."

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CDC Issues Report on HIV Counseling and Testing among U.S. Hispanics

"...CDC analyzed the 2005 national HIV Counseling and Testing (CT) database to characterize HIV testing among Hispanics attending publicly funded sites in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands."

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Study: Clade-Specific Differences in HIV-Associated Dementia Demonstrated in Mice

"This study was the first to use mouse models to identify the role of HIV genetic variants in the development of [HIV-associated dementia] HAD. The study demonstrates that viral genetic differences can affect the severity of HAD, and provides proof of differences between genetic variants in HIV."

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