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Issue No. 31 | July 25, 2008

News and Features

NIAID Halts PAVE 100 HIV Vaccine Trial

NIAID has announced that it will not continue with the PAVE 100 HIV vaccine study in its current form. Instead, NIAID is considering conducting a smaller, more focused trial in its place. 

PAVE 100 was originally designed to evaluate a preventive HIV vaccine regimen designed by the Vaccine Research Center. After the STEP HIV vaccine study was terminated in September 2007, researchers halted all vaccine research studies, including PAVE 100. Based on careful evaluation of the results from the STEP study, researchers decided to go forward with PAVE 100, although with a smaller number of participants. This revamped study was to test the vaccine regimen's effect on viral load, provide additional safety information, and examine immune responses to the vaccine and their impact on viral load.

Based on further research, NIAID has again decided to stop the PAVE 100 study because the vaccine regimen to be tested was determined not to warrant a trial of such size and scope. Instead, NIAID is evaluating whether the vaccine regimen in question would be a candidate for a smaller, more focused study designed to determine if the vaccine regimen has a significant effect on HIV viral load. 

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CDC Publishes New Fact Sheet Explaining Updated HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report

In advance of the upcoming release of its updated HIV/AIDS surveillance report, the CDC has published a new fact sheet explaining its data sources and defining key terms used in the report.

The CDC's HIV/AIDS surveillance report is used for planning purposes, allocation of resources, evaluating the success of prevention programs, and to monitor trends in HIV infection.

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