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Issue No. 34 | August 15, 2008

News and Features

Tenofovir Approved for Use in Hepatitis B Patients

"The Food and Drug Administration has approved [the] HIV drug Viread (tenofovir) as a treatment for hepatitis B. The approval was based on two clinical trials demonstrating that Viread is more effective than Hepsera in fighting liver inflammation and scarring caused by chronic hepatitis B infection."

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Circumcision May Be More Protective against HIV than Previously Thought

"Circumcision may offer even more protection against female-to-male HIV transmission than previously revealed, as well as partial protection against human papillomavirus (HPV)."

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Only One Percent of HIV Patients Are Tested for TB

"World Health Organization statistics show that just 314,394 of the 33 million people living with HIV/AIDS globally have been tested for TB. Of those screened, more than one in four were found to have active TB."

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Study on an HIV Elite Suppressor

"The results strongly suggest that through direct and indirect mechanisms, CD8+ T cells in some [elite suppressors] control HIV-1 isolates [and] are capable of causing profound immunosuppression."

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