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Issue No. 40 | September 26, 2008

News and Features

FDA Approves New Pediatric Dosing for Zidovudine (Retrovir)

"On September 19, 2008, FDA approved a pediatric efficacy supplement for Retrovir syrup, capsules and tablets allowing for a twice daily dosing regimen in children 6 weeks to 18 years of age. It also provides for dosing by weight in addition to dosing by body surface area."

More information is available:

  • FDA: Full Press Release
  • AIDSinfo: Zidovudine Drug Fact Sheet
  • AIDSinfo: Pediatric Treatment Guidelines

New Technology May Help Prevent HIV Transmission via Breastfeeding

"A new nipple shield capable of disinfecting breast milk as it passes through holds hope for preventing mother-to-baby HIV transmission, researchers say."

More information is available:

  • Read the Full Story
  • AIDSinfo: Perinatal Treatment Guidelines

Study: Postpartum Discontinuation of ART May Result in Increased Risk of Adverse Outcomes

"Of 172 pregnancies, postpartum ART discontinuation occurred in 123 (71.5%) women... . Median follow-up was 32.5 months after delivery. There were 12 OIs and 2 deaths; 10 OIs and both deaths occurred in women who had discontinued ART. ... Postpartum ART discontinuation is common ... but may leave women at increased risk of long term adverse outcomes."

More information is available:

  • PubMed: Study Abstract
  • AIDSinfo: Perinatal Treatment Guidelines

CDC Releases New Slide Set on HIV/AIDS Diagnoses among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)

"This slide set conveys important information on new and prevalent HIV and AIDS diagnoses among MSM in the United States."

  • CDC: Download the new slide set