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Issue No. 3 | January 16, 2009

News and Features

Hard Copies of the Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms Now Available!

On December 1, 2008, AIDSinfo released the updated 6th Edition of the popular Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms in both English and Spanish. 

Now, print versions of the English glossary are available for ordering from the Order Publications section of the AIDSinfo Web site!

Be sure to check AIDSinfo At-a-Glance every week for news of when hard copies of the Spanish glossary will be available for ordering, which is expected in the coming weeks.

NCI: Interleukin 7 Plays a Roll in Controlling Immune Cell Production in Mice

"Using a mouse model, researchers have shown that elevated levels of a small protein known as interleukin 7 (IL-7) plays a central role in regulating the production of a type of white blood cell that is required for effective immune responses. This finding helps explain the delayed and incomplete recovery of immune system function after treatments such as chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation, in which immune cells are destroyed, and provides insight into the mechanism by which certain types of immune cells are depleted during HIV infection."

Missed Doctor Visits in First Year of HIV Treatment and Patient Mortality

"Patients who missed visits within the first year after initiating outpatient treatment for HIV infection had more than twice the rate of long-term mortality, compared with those patients who attended all scheduled appointments. We posit that early missed visits are not causally responsible for the higher observed mortality but, rather, identify those patients who are more likely to exhibit health behaviors that portend increased subsequent mortality."