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Issue No. 30 | July 10, 2009

News and Features

Raltegravir Approved for Treatment-Naive Individuals

"On July 8, 2009, FDA granted approval to Isentress (raltegravir), for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in treatment-naïve patients. The recommended dose for treatment-naïve adult patients is Isentress 400 mg twice daily, with or without food."

WHO says TB Vaccine Too Dangerous for HIV-Infected Infants

"The World Health Organization is recommending that the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine against tuberculosis be delayed until infants can be tested for HIV. A new WHO study finds BCG, which is routinely given to 75 percent of babies worldwide, is too risky for those born infected with the virus. "

HIV Inhibits B-Cell Production within Days of Initial Infection

"The antibody response to HIV-1 does not appear in the plasma until approximately 2-5 weeks after transmission, and neutralizing antibodies to autologous HIV-1 generally do not become detectable until 12 weeks or more after transmission. Moreover, levels of HIV-1-specific antibodies decline on antiretroviral treatment. The mechanisms of this delay in the appearance of anti-HIV-1 antibodies and of their subsequent rapid decline are not known. While the effect of HIV-1 on depletion of gut CD4(+) T cells in acute HIV-1 infection is well described, we studied blood and tissue B cells soon after infection to determine the effect of early HIV-1 on these cells. ...

Early induction of polyclonal B cell differentiation, coupled with follicular damage and germinal center loss soon after HIV-1 infection, may explain both the high rate of decline in HIV-1-induced antibody responses and the delay in plasma antibody responses to HIV-1."