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Issue No. 32 | July 24, 2009

News and Features

Study: Viramune Noninferior to Reyataz

"A study of 569 patients indicates that ... Viramune suppressed HIV as well as ... Reyataz but had a more favorable effect on cardiovascular risks. The results were presented over the weekend at the 5th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in Cape Town, South Africa."

Study: Male Circumcision Does Not Protect Female Partners from HIV Infection

"Circumcision may help protect men from the AIDS virus but it does not protect the wives and female partners of infected men, researchers reported on Thursday.

"The disappointed researchers had to stop the trial, which they had hoped would confirm early suggestions that circumcision would protect men and women alike.

"But, they said, circumcision is so effective in protecting men that [it] will still likely benefit women indirectly by reducing circulation of the virus in general."

Study: Antiretrovirals Help Prevent Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Via Breast Milk

"Antiretroviral drugs appear safe and effective in helping prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child through breast milk, a new international study has found.

"The researchers found that giving daily antiretroviral syrup to breast-feeding infants or putting their HIV-infected mothers on highly active antiretroviral drugs significantly lowered the child's chances of contracting the virus that causes AIDS. ...

"In the ... study, HIV-infected mothers and their babies were randomly assigned to one of three groups: infant antiretroviral syrup, maternal medication, or no treatment following birth. After 28 weeks, 7.6 percent of the infants in the group that did not receive any treatment had HIV or died, compared with 4.7 percent of infants whose mothers took antiretroviral medication, and 2.9 percent of the infants taking the antiretroviral syrup, the researchers found."