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Issue No. 8 | February 20, 2009

News and Features

CDC: New 2007 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report Released

"More than 25 years after the first reports of AIDS, this issue of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report marks the reporting of more than 1 million AIDS cases since the beginning of the epidemic in the United States. The number of cases underscores the fact that despite significant advances in HIV testing, prevention, and treatment in the United States, the human toll has been substantial."

Study: Gene Therapy Shows Promise for HIV-Infected Individuals

"'One of the striking successes of this particular approach is its apparent safety, which is no small matter given the history so far of gene therapy interventions," [Rowena Johnston] said. "Gene therapy will probably represent an exciting new frontier that will receive increasing attention in the coming years. There are so many unexplored avenues to pursue with the real potential to provide a lasting solution for HIV/AIDS.'"

Study: Effector Memory T Cell Responses Protect Rhesus Monkeys from SIV

 "Compared to control rhesus macaques, these vaccinated rhesus macaques showed increased resistance to acquisition of progressive SIVmac239 infection upon repeated limiting-dose intrarectal challenge, including four macaques who controlled rectal mucosal infection without progressive systemic dissemination. These data suggest a new paradigm for AIDS vaccine development-vaccines capable of generating and maintaining HIV-specific T(EM) cells might decrease the incidence of HIV acquisition after sexual exposure."