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Issue No. 47 | October 28, 2011

News and Features

HIV Medication Transdermal Patch Shows Promise

“Preliminary research suggests that a patch could deliver an AIDS drug to patients, but it's too early to know if it could work in animals, let alone humans.

“Still, the findings raise the prospect of a simple way to administer AIDS drugs, which patients don't always take as they should. Patches could be worn for seven days, and an author of the new study said it would add only a fraction of a cent to the cost of the drug itself. …

“The researchers successfully used transdermal patches to administer 96 percent of an AIDS drug to simulated skin over a week ... . The AIDS drug, which is under development, is not available to the public. …

“A patch could also be an effective way to provide medication that prevents people from getting HIV in the first place. ...

“The study was scheduled to be presented … at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Research presented at medical meetings has to be viewed as preliminary because it has not gone through the peer review process required by medical journals.”

More information is available:

Multiple Copies of the 6th Edition AIDSinfo Glossary Now Available

The Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms, which provides definitions for more than 600 terms, is one of the most popular AIDSinfo publications. AIDSinfo has extra copies of the current 6th edition of the glossary and is making them available for ordering in large quantities. The glossaries are provided and shipped anywhere in the United States free of charge.

This ordering opportunity is being made available in anticipation of the upcoming release of the 7th edition of the Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms. Details about the publication of the updated glossary will be available soon.

Please contact the AIDSinfo call center by e-mail (, phone (800-448-0440), or Live Chat to order multiple copies of the current English and Spanish 6th edition.

New AIDSinfo Brochure Now Available!

AIDSinfo has created a new brochure that highlights our features and services. It includes the following:

  • Information about key AIDSinfo resources, including the Clinical Guidelines, Clinical Trials Search, Drug Database, Health Topics, and HIV/AIDS Glossary
  • Information about AIDSinfo mobile resources and social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • A quick response (QR) code that can be scanned with your Smartphone to directly access the AIDSinfo mobile site

Visit our Order Publications page to request a hard copy of the brochure. Please contact the AIDSinfo call center by e-mail (, phone (800-448-0440), or Live Chat to order multiple copies of the brochure.