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Issue No. 27 | July 1, 2011

News and Features

The Future of the NIAID Clinical Trials Networks

“As the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) moves forward to restructure its [HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks] and include a new network focused on infectious diseases other than AIDS, the Clinical Trial Units (CTUs) will continue to play a critical role in establishing, developing, and implementing the networks’ scientific research agendas. Additionally, we are seeking to strengthen the CTUs to enhance our ability to conduct clinical trials around the world. ...

“[We] anticipate supporting fewer CTUs that will generally be larger in size and scope compared to what we have today. …

“To avoid redundancy and optimize efficiency, the CTUs, in collaboration with network leadership, will have more responsibility for evaluating the ability of specific sites to conduct study protocols, provide operational support to the sites, and drive quality management processes. …

“To encourage new scientific research collaborations, NIAID will build a mechanism for allowing other partners (e.g., other NIH Institutes and U.S. Government agencies) to access the CTU infrastructure. …

“Overall, we believe that these changes will enable the CTUs to provide greater breadth in scientific expertise and capability, increased capacity, and greater flexibility in addressing scientific agendas of the newly awarded clinical trials networks.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback.”

More information is available:

Redesign of AIDSinfo Web Site Begins with Improvements to the AIDSinfo Home Page

AIDSinfo recently updated the AIDSinfo home page, the first step in a planned redesign of the entire Web site. Improvements to the home page include:

  • Addition of a slideshow showcasing AIDSinfo resources
  • Improved page design and more concisely defined content tabs and headers to make it easier to locate information quickly
  • A more comprehensive and prominent display of icons linked to the AIDSinfo e-newsletter, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and RSS feeds.

AIDSinfo invites you to send your comments on improvements to the home page to Your feedback will be valuable as redesign of the AIDSinfo Web site continues.

infoSIDA Mobile Site Now Available!

infoSIDA now has a new site optimized for mobile devices. This site includes the same features as the AIDSinfo mobile site. When viewing infoSIDA on your mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site; however, JavaScript must be enabled on your device for the mobile site to function properly. The infoSIDA mobile site is available at and

The following features are available on the infoSIDA mobile site:

  • HIV/AIDS Medical Practice Guidelines (Guías de VIH/SIDA): Federally approved medical practice guidelines related to HIV/AIDS, available only in English in PDF format.
  • Clinical Trials (Ensayos clínicos): Clinical trials database to help patients and health care providers locate trials studying HIV/AIDS, searchable by keyword.
  • Drugs (Medicamentos): Database of drug summaries on HIV/AIDS-related drugs, searchable by drug name, by drug class, or via an A-Z index.
  • Glossary (Glosario): Database of terms related to HIV/AIDS treatment and research, searchable by keyword or via an A-Z index.
  • Health Topics (Temas de salud): Repository of links to government resources about HIV/AIDS-related topics.
  • al instante E-newsletter (Boeltín electrónico): infoSIDA weekly newsletter showcasing the latest on HIV/AIDS treatment and research.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Specialty Pages (Días de Concientización del VIH/SIDA): infoSIDA specialty pages marking annual HIV/AIDS awareness days.
  • Questions? (¿Preguntas?): Contact information for the call center, where bilingual information specialists are available to answer questions via online chat, phone, and e-mail.