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Issue No. 37 | August 26, 2011

News and Features

Updated HHS “Guidance for Non-HIV-Specialized Providers Caring for HIV-Infected Residents Displaced from Disaster Areas” Now Available

AIDSinfo announces an update to the “Guidance for Non-HIV-Specialized Providers Caring for HIV-Infected Residents Displaced from Disaster Areas.”

The updated guidance offers health care providers recommendations on providing care to newly displaced HIV-infected adults, children, and pregnant women who have yet to secure care in the areas where they have relocated.

The guidance includes information on initial assessment of the displaced HIV-infected patient and on general strategies for medication management of the patient, including specific guidance on antiretroviral therapy, care for HIV-infected pregnant women, on prophylaxis for opportunistic infections (OIs), and on vaccinations in the setting of HIV infection.

More information regarding antiretroviral management in HIV-infected adult, pediatric, and pregnant patients as well as recommendations for prophylaxis and treatment of specific OIs can be found on the AIDSinfo Guidelines section.

Additional information is available:

“Drugs That Fight HIV” Poster Features Images of Antiretroviral Medications

To help clinicians and patients better identify the many medications available to treat HIV infection, NIAID recently published a poster titled “Drugs That Fight HIV.” The poster features images of FDA-approved antiretroviral medications, grouped by drug class and clearly identified by both generic and trade names. Intended as a tool for health care professionals to use when discussing HIV treatment with patients, the poster is also available in brochure format in English and Spanish.

Please note that the new antiretroviral medications rilpivirine (Edurant) and the fixed-dose combination of emtricitabine/rilpivirine/tenofovir DF (Complera) were approved by the FDA subsequent to publication of these NIAID educational materials. Hence the poster does not include an image and accompanying information on Complera, and the brochures do not include images of Complera or rilpivirine.

AIDSinfo drug summaries have been updated with the images featured in the NIAID educational materials as well as images of the newly approved drugs rilpivirine and Complera. Visit the AIDSinfo drug database to view the images.

CDC Updates “HIV among Women” Fact Sheet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated the “HIV among Women” fact sheet. This fact sheet provides information and statistics on diagnoses of HIV infection and AIDS in women. Prevention challenges and CDC programs that focus on women living with HIV/AIDS and women at risk for HIV infection are also detailed.