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Issue No. 29 | November 12, 2013

News and Features

Updated AIDSinfo Fact Sheets Provide HIV-Related Information for Consumers

The AIDSinfo HIV-related fact sheets for consumers have been revised and are newly available in Web-friendly and downloadable formats. Written in easy-to-understand language, the fact sheets provide information on topics related to HIV prevention, treatment, and research, as well as HIV and pregnancy and side effects of HIV medicines. The fact sheets are based on information from federally approved sources.

Key features of the fact sheets include:

  • An introductory “Key Points” box highlighting crucial information covered in each fact sheet
  • Links to AIDSinfo glossary definitions for many HIV-related terms
  • Links to additional information and resources

The revised fact sheets will soon be available in Spanish on infoSIDA.

AIDSinfo welcomes feedback on the fact sheets, including suggestions on topics for additional fact sheets. Please send your comments to