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Issue No. 24 | October 21, 2016

News and Features

AIDSinfo Releases First Therapeutic HIV Vaccine Drug Record and New Consumer Materials

Researchers are currently testing a promising treatment option for people with HIV: therapeutic HIV vaccines. Unlike a preventive HIV vaccine, a therapeutic HIV vaccine is designed to improve the body’s immune response to HIV in people who are already infected with the virus. In the future, these vaccines could eliminate HIV from the body, or improve the body’s immune response to the point where antiretroviral therapy is no longer needed.

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved any therapeutic HIV vaccines, several experimental vaccines are currently being studied in clinical trials. AIDSinfo has released an investigational drug record for one therapeutic vaccine candidate, AGS-004.

Look for more therapeutic HIV vaccine records to be added to our Drug Database in the coming months.

Along with this drug record, AIDSinfo has created a new fact sheet and infographic on therapeutic HIV vaccines.

View the fact sheet and drug record in Spanish at infoSIDA.

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