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Education Materials

Education Materials

AIDSinfo Celebrates National Women's Health Week

May 14-20, 2006

AIDSinfo is supporting National Women's Health Week by offering resources about HIV/AIDS and women.  Today, HIV/AIDS respresents a growing health threat to women around the world.  In the U.S women make up about 30 percent of all new HIV/AIDS diagnosis; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 80 percent of women were infected through heterosexual sex, while about 20 percent were infected through injected drug use.  In an effort to educate women and their family and friends, the AIDSinfo staff has compiled this resource page, which provides federally approved information for and about women.

This page offers resources on the virus, prenatal care, treatment and prevention methods, along with general information about women's health and specialized populations.  Be part of the 2007 National Women's Health Week celebration, May 14th-20.  Whether you are an individual, a health care provider, a business leader, a community organization, or a governor, mayor, or tribal leader, there is something you can do to participate in National Women's Health Week.

The following links provide information related to HIV/AIDS information for women and are sorted by topic.

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