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Clinical Guidelines Portal

Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections in HIV-Exposed and HIV-Infected Children

Title Page

(Last updated: June 8, 2015; last reviewed: June 8, 2015)

Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections in HIV-Exposed and HIV-Infected Children

Recommendations from the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, and the American Academy of Pediatrics

(This guideline was simultaneously published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal on November 6, 2013.)

Prepared by
George K. Siberry MD, MPH, Executive Secretary;1
Mark J. Abzug MD, Co-Chair;2
Sharon Nachman MD, Co-Chair;3
Michael T. Brady MD;4
Kenneth L. Dominguez MD, MPH;5
Edward Handelsman MD;1 ,§
Lynne M. Mofenson MD;1
Steve Nesheim MD;5
and the Panel on Opportunistic Infections in HIV-Exposed and HIV-Infected Children*
1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
2University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, Colorado
3State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York
4Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
5Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia

*Panel member authors (in alphabetical order): Debika Bhattacharya, MD; Beverly Bohannon, MS, RN; Diana Clarke, Pharm. D.; Kathryn M. Edwards, MD; Jennifer C. Esbenshade, MD, MPH; Patricia Flynn, MD; Aditya Gaur, MD; Francis Gigliotti, MD; Gail Harrison, MD; Charlotte Victoria Hobbs, MD; David Kimberlin, MD; Martin B. Kleiman, MD; Emilia H. Koumans, MD, MPH; Andrew Kroger, MD, MPH; Myron J. Levin. MD; Cara L. Mack, MD; Ben J. Marais, MD; Gabriela Maron, MD; James McAuley, MD, MPH; Heather J. Menzies, MD, MPH; Anna-Barbara Moscicki, MD; Michael R. Narkewicz, MD; Richard Rutstein, MD; Jane Seward, MBBS, MPH; Masako Shimamura, MD; William J. Steinbach, MD; Gregory J. Wilson, MD.

§ Dr. Handelsman, Branch Chief of the Maternal, Adolescent, and Pediatric Research Branch of the Division of AIDS at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, died unexpectedly on March 5, 2012.Dr. Handelsman was a pediatrician dedicated to the care of HIV-infected infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women whose work and advocacy saved the lives and improved the health of thousands of children around the world.

The panel would like to acknowledge Judith Welsh, Clinical Informationist at the National Institutes of Health Library, for performing comprehensive literature searches to identify the evidence used to support recommendations in these guidelines. 

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