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HHS Announces $53.7 Million in Grants to Improve HIV/AIDS Care for Women, Children, Youth and Families

Date: August 6, 2001
Source: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Federal grants totaling $53.7 million to support HIV/AIDS care and services for women and their families have been awarded to 71 organizations in 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson announced today.

Funded under the Title IV Comprehensive Family Services Program of the Ryan White CARE Act, the grants are targeted to women, children, youth and families and provide primary and specialty medical care, psychosocial services, logistical support, outreach and case management. Programs also are designed to increase these groups' access to clinical trials and research.

"These grants will provide front-line services to many women and children, filling a critical need in the war against HIV/AIDS," Secretary Thompson said. "The war against this disease has many fronts -- medical research, prevention, and health care and services for those in need. That's why President Bush and I have proposed $10.2 billion to fund the department's HIV/AIDS programs next year -- a 7.2 percent increase."

Title IV grants, managed by HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration, fund services, ranging from clinical care for HIV-positive women, children, youth and children to day care for children while the mother receives care. Transportation to care services and for participation in clinical trials; case management, psychological services, housing referrals and other support services for family members; and referrals to social services such as Medicaid and food stamps also are among programs funded. Programs also include support groups for clients and families; and counseling and testing primarily for pregnant women and adolescents.

"Because women frequently neglect their own health to care for their families, making sure they have access to quality HIV/AIDS care and services is critical," said Acting HRSA Administrator Elizabeth M. Duke, Ph.D. "Before women can adequately care for their families, they must care for themselves, and these grants help bridge this gap."

The $53.7 million will be shared by a wide array of HIV/AIDS care providers, including community and faith-based organizations, medical schools, children's hospitals, and state and county departments of health. Of the 71 grantees, 11 are newly funded in fiscal year 2001, and the remaining 60 are funded under a continuing three-year grant cycle.

Title IV programs served more than 45,000 clients in 1999, a 20 percent increase from 1998. Congress has appropriated $316 million for Title IV since the program was first funded under the CARE Act in fiscal year 1994. More information about CARE Act programs is available at: A list of grantees is available at:

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